What to expect from my first massage

Research has shown that massage therapy helps to promote relaxation and decreases stress.


Massage therapy can also improve mental clarity, helping improve circulation, skin health and digestive function.


If you experience pain caused by muscle tension or spasm, it can be reduced with massage therapy. It is commonly used to help relieve headaches, neck and back pain and many other common pain syndromes.


In order to benefit fully from your initial treatment, keep meals light before your session and arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment to complete a questionnaire.


This form provides client health and injury history information for the therapist and allows you to inform the therapist of your goals for the session. It also prevents the therapist from performing massage therapy where it may be contraindicated.


The massage therapist will review and discuss your questionnaire form with you. This ensures that she has a full understanding of the information you have provided.

This also enables you to express any questions or concerns before your massage therapy session begins.


Your massage session will take place in our massage therapy room, which is dimly lit with soft music playing in the background. There will be a massage table covered with a sheet and blanket. Dress attire during your massage session is based according to your comfort level. You may choose to wear your undergarments or gym shorts, or our disposable underwear.


The massage therapist will exit the room while you disrobe and position yourself on the massage table under a sheet or towel. In most cases you will begin by lying face down on the massage table. Your face will be placed in a face rest, a doughnut-shaped cushion specifically designed to allow you to lie on your stomach. It also allows you to breathe easily whilst face down.

After a few minutes the massage therapist will ask to re-enter the room. This is when your therapeutic massage begins. During the massage therapy, conversation is limited in order to increase your state of relaxation and tension release. We encourage you to settle into a state of relaxation and to focus on your breathing. It is imperative that you inform the therapist if you experience discomfort or if you feel she needs to adjust the pressure. A wide variety of massage strokes will be utilised depending on your goals.


At the close of the session, the massage therapist will inform you that she is exiting the room for you to redress. It is advised that you rise slowly from the massage table reducing any dizziness and to readjust to a standing body position.


Following your treatment we advise you to re-enter your day as slowly as you can and to drink 3 glasses of water during the 3 hours that follow your session. Also, please be aware that you may experience some tender areas and in rare cases slight bruising may occur which usually dissipates within two days.


After your session the massage therapist will record your treatment and chart the progress of any future massage sessions. This allows an opportunity to design a treatment program that can help you work toward your goals.


Massage therapy is designed to decrease muscle tension, increase flexibility and circulation, and promote relaxation.

This cannot be achieved solely in a one-hour session so therefore we recommended that you have follow-up treatments.


Payment details will be taken at the time of booking to secure your treatment. Cancellation within 48 hours will incur a 100% charge. In case of a missed appointment with no advance notice (no show) a 100% charge will apply.


Please note: Jaspers Organic Day Spa therapists reserves the right to refuse services at their discretion based upon the client’s condition, therapists skill set, client attitude or actions, etc., without explanation or prior notice. No sexual activity, comment or innuendo will be tolerated.